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Happy Labor Day!

September 1, 2017

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September.  It was begun as a day to celebrate labor, and we honor that tradition by giving our team the day off, in hopes that they will spend the last weekend of the summer enjoying time with their families.  We at Tensilkut Engineering hope everyone who reads this has a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Tensilkut for cutting samples in accordance with ASTM E8 for tensile testing of metals.

Proper grip for use of Tensilkut Template

ASTM D638 Type IV Test Specimens

August 31, 2017

ASTM D638 Type IV is a small tensile specimen used in testing plastics.  It’s a difficult sample to cut, because it has both an inside and outside radius.

ASTM D638 Type IV tensile bars

Tensilkut Engineering makes Master Templates which will work with any Tensilkut I or Tensilkut II to prepare samples in accordance with ASTM D638 Type IV. Each template is sized with a top bar which matches the height of the control head for the Tensilkut machine with which it will be used.

Tensilkut Master Templates 50-92, 50-93 and 50-94 for preparing rubber test specimens in accordance with ASTM D412 Die C: Available for use on Tensilkut I and Tensilkut II models.

Tensilkut Master Templates 50-92, 50-93 and 50-94 for preparing rubber test specimens in accordance with ASTM D412 Die C: Available for use on Tensilkut I and Tensilkut II models.

50-94 Tensilkut Template for ASTM D412 Die C

50-94 Tensilkut Template for ASTM D412 Die C

For more information on the ASTM D638 Type IV and other Tensilkut Master Templates, visit our website.

Tensilkut Catalog, Circa 1955

August 9, 2017

In this day of instant electronic communication, it’s hard to believe that 60+ years ago, not only was everything mailed, but Tensilkut’s catalog, when it arrived in the mailbox, contained a tensile test bar which had been cut on the Tensilkut.

Tensilkut catalog with aluminum tensile sample

The 1955 Tensilkut catalog included a drawing of the only tensile bar we made at the time, along with an actual specimen!

I don’t imagine the founder of Tensilkut ever imagined a time when we could not only send information to customers nearly instantly, but also a time when we’d be able to make videos available for people to see whenever they wished.  Despite sea changes in communication, the need for his original machine remains very real – and at least one of the machines made in his first couple of years remains in service today.

A Blast From The Past

August 7, 2017

Recently, while browsing the Tensilkut Ancient History file, our catalog from October 1, 1956 appeared.  It was a simple affair, with a heavy sheet as front and back cover, and a single sheet describing the entire Tensilkut line, consisting of the Tensilkut (one model only) and its template.  The cover was adorned with a four-color photograph, glossy, of course (at a time when color photography was less common and rather expensive).

Tensilkut I

The cover of the original Tensilkut catalog, from October 1, 1956!

How far we have progressed today, to our line containing numerous models of the Tensilkut I, Tensilkut II and CNC Tensilkut III for preparing flat tensile specimens, along with the Tensilgrind for high hardness flat samples, and machines for round and notched test specimen preparation!

Visit our website at to see how greatly our line of equipment has expanded, and how we can assist you with your test specimen preparation needs.

Composite Tensile Test Sample Preparation

August 2, 2017

Recently, a customer sent us some composite strips to be cut into ASTM D638 Type I tensile samples.  We used the Tensilkut II, and the process was very fast and easy.

Tensilkut machines are sized for location in your testing laboratory, to be used by technicians without machining experience.  The Tensilkut II is a floor model, manually operated machine; table model Tensilkut I machines are also available for labs with less space available.  Visit our website at or fill out the contact form below for more information on how Tensilkut can make your tensile specimen preparation easier!