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Demonstration of the Tensilkut II

June 23, 2015

The Tensilkut II is used to easily prepare flat tensile, compression, flexural and other specimens from metals and non-metallics.  This machine is designed for operation in the testing lab by technicians without previous machining experience.

The starting blank is inserted into the Tensilkut Master Template, and the clamping screws are tightened as shown in this video.  The micrometer dial on the Tensilkut control head is set to its starting position, and a series of light passes are taken to cut the material from each side of the specimen.  When the correct tensile specimen dimensions are achieved, the micrometer dial will stop turning, thus preventing cutting an undersized test specimen.  After removing the completed ASTM E8 or other specimen from the master template, the tensile bar is ready for immediate testing.


May 23, 2015

The Tensilshear is an easy way to cut strips from small sheets of metal, including aluminum, brass, steel, and even harder materials.

Tensilshear for shearing straight strips from metals

Tensilshear for shearing straight strips from metals

A pair of micrometer adjustments on the back move the stop to enable you to simply push your sheet of up to 10″ wide metal under the blade until it reaches the stop, make sure it’s firmly in place, and cut off a strip.  The process can be repeated for as many strips as you need. It is a compact, manually operated unit, requiring neither electrical nor air hookup to operate.

The reverse of the Tensilshear, showing the micrometer adjustments for setting strip width

The reverse of the Tensilshear, showing the micrometer adjustments for setting strip width


The Tensilshear will shear strips from 1/8″ (3mm) thick aluminum or materials of similar hardness, and up to 2mm thick steel.  The hardened, precision ground blades are adjustable to eliminate virtually all edge burring problems.  The video below shows the Tensilshear being used to shear strips from 2mm thick hardened steel.

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CNC Tensilkut III Video

September 1, 2010

Because the recent video of the CNC Tensilkut III showed very little of the motion, here is a video in which the cutting head is moving along its X axis.  Note that no cutting is occurring in this clip.  This is a Quicktime video; please download Quicktime if you can’t view it.

Operation of the CNC Tensilkut III

August 25, 2010

While there are plenty of photos of the CNC Tensilkut III, this is the first time we’ve posted video of the operation of the machine. You will have to look closely, because these samples are lined up front to back on the table, so the cutting head is moving only a minor amount on a left/right or up/down basis, and the table is moving forward and backward for cutting the length of the specimen. When the camera pans to the view of the computer screen, the red shapes indicate the uncut specimens, while the blue lines display the sample which has already been prepared.

Because the door cannot be opened while the cutting operation is in progress, we can’t give a closer view of the operation of this machine.

Tensilkut II Demonstration

August 24, 2010

To aid you in picturing the operation of the Tensilkut II, here’s a video demonstration of the cutting of a piece of 1/8″ thick aluminum from start to finish.  The footage was taken from very close range, so there are no views of the entire machine.