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V-Mill Demonstration

August 28, 2017

For the testing of composites, few samples are harder to make than the shear test specimen, whether for the ASTM D5379 V-Notched Beam Method sample, or the ASTM D7078 V-Notched Rail Method sample.  In response to demand for an easier way to notch these blanks, Tensilkut Engineering developed the V-Mill I, which employs a custom diamond coated wheel to accurately complete the notch without tool marks or deformation, while maintaining the tight tolerances, including depths and angles, required for a successful test.

This is a video demonstration, which first explains the principles behind the machine, followed by the actual notching of a carbon fiber specimen.

The specimen finished during this demonstration, along with two others made from different materials, are shown here.

ASTM D5379 Iosipescu Shear Test specimens prepared on the V-Mill

ASTM D5379 Iosipescu Shear Test specimens prepared on the V-Mill

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Iosipescu Shear Test Sample Preparation

November 14, 2013

One of the biggest challenges in preparation of the V notches for shear testing in accordance with ASTM D5379 or ASTM D7078 is the perfect alignment of the notches on opposite edges of the prepared specimen blank.  Tensilkut’s V-Mill is designed specifically to address that issue.


V-Mill for Iosipescu Shear Test Sample Preparation

The machine is shipped adjusted for correct placement of the notch within the blank.  The specimen blank is clamped within a two sided template and not removed until the notches are complete.  A series of light passes ensure that the notches are evenly cut, and our specially designed cutter creates the 90 degree notch with a perfect radius at its base.

V-Mill Gauge

V-Mill height indicator gauge

The V-Mill contains a precision height gauge which can be used to check the placement of the cutter; this would most often be done when the cutter is replaced.  The height gauge ensures that the placement of the notches is correctly centered along the length of the specimen.

ASTM D5379

ASTM D5379 Specimen

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V-Mill for Iosipescu Shear Samples

October 6, 2013

V-Mill is a new machine designed specifically for preparing the V-notch in Shear Test Specimens.  The test is done on composite materials in accordance with ASTM D5379 and ASTM D7078, using the Iosipescu shear test fixture.  Tensilkut Master Templates developed specifically for these test methods ensure accurate location of the notches within the test blank, while the cutter manufactured specifically for this notch  creates perfect 90 degree notches with the required radius at the base.


ASTM D5379 Shear Samples

August 16, 2013

Recently, Tensilkut was asked to develop a method to prepare samples in accordance with ASTM D5379 for Shear Test Samples with a V-notch on either side.  These samples are to be used with the Iosipescu Shear Test Fixtures, as supplied by major testing machine manufacturers.  This test method for composites was developed during the 1980s, and the ASTM specimen was finalized in 1993.  The standard specimen is 3″ by .75″, and can be up to 1/2″ thick.  Identical notches are cut into either side of the specimen for accurate testing.  Tensilkut Engineering has developed a new machine specifically for preparing samples to ASTM D5379.

For use in Iosipescu test fixtures

For use in Iosipescu test fixtures

ASTM D5379 Shear Sample

ASTM D5379 Shear Sample

V Notched Shear Sample

V Notched Shear Sample

Specimens in accordance with ASTM D7078 can also be prepared on this new machine.  Please contact us for more details on the new V-Mill for the accurate preparation of Shear Test Samples.