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Impact Test Bars

July 9, 2014

The Impactkut is used for preparing charpy and Izod impact specimens in accordance with ASTM A370 from prepared 10 mm square metal blanks. This hydraulic unit broaches the notch in a single stroke.


Impactkut by Tensilkut

Impactkut for notching Impact Specimens

Impactkut (2)

The blanks are easily clamped for notching.  The Impactkut is designed to be located in a testing lab, and operated by lab technicians without prior machining experience.

Completed impact specimens:

ASTM A370 Impact specimen from aluminum

ASTM A370 Impact specimen from Aluminum

Impact specimen per ASTM A370

Impact specimen per ASTM A370

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Impactmill: Redesigned

October 4, 2013

The Impactmill has long been a workhorse for notching prepared .500″ wide blanks in accordance with ASTM D265 for Charpy and Izod tests.  We have recently redesigned this machine to include an easier method of loading the specimen blanks, more convenient notch depth control, and easier feeding of the specimen through the cutter.  Additional venting for the heavy duty motor which powers the notching cutter  has also been added.


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June 17, 2009

The Impactmill accurately notches plastic and non-metallic materials in accordance with ASTM D256 or ISO 180.  The totally enclosed ½ HP motor rotates a precision ground, single tooth cutter at 1000 RPM.  One or more prepared .500” wide blanks are clamped in the Impactmill’s holding fixture; a rotating cutter notches the specimens as the handwheel is cranked to move the fixture through the cutter’s path.  A micrometer control is used to raise and lower the notching cutter on the Impactmill.  To check the depth of the notch, a micrometer with a knife edge is mounted on the unit.  It is used to accurately measure the critical distance between the tip of the “V” notch and the back of the izod or charpy impact bar.  As with all Tensilkut equipment, the Impactmill is designed for location in the laboratory, and can be operated by technicians with no machining experience.

Impactmill for notching plastic izod and charpy test bars

Impactmill for notching plastic izod and charpy test bars