Special Master Templates

For nearly as long as Tensilkut machines have existed, people have wanted to prepare custom test specimens.  These are some of the more unusual ones:

This is a special template to cut micro tensile bars from very tiny pieces of materials.  Typically, this is the type of test specimen one might use if cutting from precious metals, or from “historic” material which has been in storage, and to which a comparison with a modern material is desired.  These are also used to prepare samples from materials which are irregularly shaped, and therefore, only a small piece can be obtained for the test.Micro Tensile Template 006

I truly have no idea who ordered these Special Templates, or what the purpose was of having multiple reduced sections.  I only know that these are very interesting in appearance, and the story behind them must have been somewhat intriguing.  Note that these specimens have holes in them for pin loaded grips; Tensilkut Engineering can install hardened bushings for guiding the drilling of such holes.

Special Templates 005

If you need to create a custom specimen, why not submit your drawing to Tensilkut for a quotation on a system to meet your needs?


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