Complex Round Test Bars

In addition to being able to turn perfect shouldered, button head and threaded tensile bars, Tensilkut’s CNC Tensilathe has been used for preparing more complicated, proprietary test specimens.  This one is a fine example:

Tapered stress test bar

Tapered stress test bar

This is a bar designed by a customer for a specific test of longevity of Hastelloy.  Each of the end sections on both ends is tapered, as is the gauge section.  This test specimen is beautiful in its complexity.

Ends of tapered stress test bar

Ends of tapered stress test bar

Of course, because it was turned from Hastelloy, accommodations had to be made in the program; when the program would turn steel or stainless specimens perfectly, the deflection from the Hastelloy caused it to be oversized.  When we program your specimens for the CNC Tensilathe or the CNC Tensilkut III, we want to receive several samples of your actual material, so our programs will accurately prepare your test bars, regardless of its properties.  Machines which accurately prepare physical test specimens are the only things we’ve ever built, and we pride ourselves on offering the best sample preparation equipment available.

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