40-74 Tensilbits

Tensilbits are the carbide cutting tools engineered specifically for the high speed specimen cutting achieved with the Tensilkut I and Tensilkut II.  Super-sharp cutting edges combined with the proper angles of cut and relief are essential to achieve the fine shavings required for non-deformed specimen edges.  The 40-74 Tensilbit is used specifically for general plastic cutting operations, and some customers have had excellent results using the 40-74 combined with very light passes to prepare specimens from hard materials such as stainless steel.

40-74 Tensilbit for plastics and hard materials

40-74 Tensilbit for plastics and hard materials

The 40-74 Tensilbit is an 8 flute, solid carbide cutter with a shank diameter of .500″.  When used properly, Tensilbits can be resharpened, enabling you to extend their life.

40-74 8-flute, solid carbide Tensilbit

40-74 Tensilbit: 8 flute, solid carbide

The 40-74 Tensilbit is designed for use with the 10-20 to 10-70 series Tensilkut I and all Tensilkut II models.  They are in stock for immediate delivery.  Please call for a price, or visit our website at www.tensilkut.com for more information on Tensilkut machines, Tensilbits and Tensilkut Master Templates.


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