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Cutting Specimens from Plaques

March 31, 2015

Some customers wish to cut specimens from plaques, using the CNC Tensilkut III, without first cutting the pieces into strips. This unit can be designed to do just that.

The machine is programmed to cut the specimens you need in the layout you desire. All clamps are custom made, and, as shown in this photograph, this plaque will be cut into ASTM D638 Type I specimens, cutting the entire length of each bar.

Plaque to be cut with CNC Tensilkut III

Plaque to be cut with CNC Tensilkut III

Often, a plaque which is to be cut into all tensile bars is sawn into strips using the Tensilsaw before the pieces are clamped into the machine. More commonly, when a customer wishes to cut specimens from a plaque, he wants several types of specimens, including tensile, flexural and impact blanks.

Although this can be done for thin plaques of metal, it is not recommended, as the cutting time is significantly longer, and the cutter wear will be much greater. Using the Tensilshear to cut metal strips to be clamped in the CNC Tensilkut III is much more efficient.