Modified ASTM E8 Subsized Tensile Bars

This is the 50-36 Template.  It was developed for people who need a narrower bar than the ASTM E8 standard, but want one longer than the standard subsized specimen.

50-36 Template

50-36 Template

The 50-36 template makes a specimen which is .500″ overall width and about 8″ long.  The gauge section is .250″ wide with a taper of .001″ to .002″, a gauge length of 2/00″, and a reduced length of 2.25″.

This template is used with the 10-33 table model Tensilkut I, 10-38 Floor model Tensilkut I, and the 10-85 Tensilkut II.  Similar templates which make the same specimen are available for use with other Tensilkut models.

Please contact us if you would like a quote for this or any other template.

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