Customized Master Templates

Sometimes a Tensilkut user needs to cut a specimen in accordance with a standard, such as ASTM E8, but needs the finished specimen modified to suit the material he has available.  Often, this entails making a different overall width for the template.  Such was the case recently, where a customer starts with 1.25″ wide material, but cuts his pieces in accordance with the gauge section detailed by the ASTM E8 standard for sheet type metals, with the .500″ x 2″ gauge length and 2.25″ reduced length.

Modified ASTM E8 template, with completed specimen

Modified ASTM E8 Template, with completed specimen

Tensilkut designed a template to accommodate this customer’s needs, with the extra width built into the body of the Master Template, while all other dimensions meet the ASTM E8 standard.  If you have need of a customized specimen such as this, please send us your specific requirements, so we can quote.


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