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Special Master Templates

November 23, 2013
Tensilkut Master Templates

Tensilkut Master Templates

Tensilkut Engineering makes a wide variety of special templates to meet each customer’s needs.  The ASTM A370 Template for making tensile samples with an 8″ gauge length is pictured at the top of this picture.  Also shown is a template with bushings for drilling holes for use in pin loaded grips.  Other custom configurations, including very small and very large templates, can be made.

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Iosipescu Shear Test Sample Preparation

November 14, 2013

One of the biggest challenges in preparation of the V notches for shear testing in accordance with ASTM D5379 or ASTM D7078 is the perfect alignment of the notches on opposite edges of the prepared specimen blank.  Tensilkut’s V-Mill is designed specifically to address that issue.


V-Mill for Iosipescu Shear Test Sample Preparation

The machine is shipped adjusted for correct placement of the notch within the blank.  The specimen blank is clamped within a two sided template and not removed until the notches are complete.  A series of light passes ensure that the notches are evenly cut, and our specially designed cutter creates the 90 degree notch with a perfect radius at its base.

V-Mill Gauge

V-Mill height indicator gauge

The V-Mill contains a precision height gauge which can be used to check the placement of the cutter; this would most often be done when the cutter is replaced.  The height gauge ensures that the placement of the notches is correctly centered along the length of the specimen.

ASTM D5379

ASTM D5379 Specimen

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Modified ASTM E8 Subsized Tensile Bars

November 12, 2013

This is the 50-36 Template.  It was developed for people who need a narrower bar than the ASTM E8 standard, but want one longer than the standard subsized specimen.

50-36 Template

50-36 Template

The 50-36 template makes a specimen which is .500″ overall width and about 8″ long.  The gauge section is .250″ wide with a taper of .001″ to .002″, a gauge length of 2/00″, and a reduced length of 2.25″.

This template is used with the 10-33 table model Tensilkut I, 10-38 Floor model Tensilkut I, and the 10-85 Tensilkut II.  Similar templates which make the same specimen are available for use with other Tensilkut models.

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Customized Master Templates

November 8, 2013

Sometimes a Tensilkut user needs to cut a specimen in accordance with a standard, such as ASTM E8, but needs the finished specimen modified to suit the material he has available.  Often, this entails making a different overall width for the template.  Such was the case recently, where a customer starts with 1.25″ wide material, but cuts his pieces in accordance with the gauge section detailed by the ASTM E8 standard for sheet type metals, with the .500″ x 2″ gauge length and 2.25″ reduced length.

Modified ASTM E8 template, with completed specimen

Modified ASTM E8 Template, with completed specimen

Tensilkut designed a template to accommodate this customer’s needs, with the extra width built into the body of the Master Template, while all other dimensions meet the ASTM E8 standard.  If you have need of a customized specimen such as this, please send us your specific requirements, so we can quote.

ASTM D1822 Type L Template

November 7, 2013

The ASTM D1822 Type L Tensile Impact specimen is a small test bar machined out of non-metallics.  Because of its size, this specimen must be cut with a one sided Master Template, such as the 50-68 Template, designed for use with the 10-33 Tensilkut I or 10-85 Tensilkut II.


Tensilkut’s 50-68 Template with completed specimen

Tensilkut’s precision manufacturing ensures that our customers can rapidly and easily produce repeatable specimens from any materials they insert into the 50-68 Master Template.  Email, call or leave a comment for more information.

40-70 Series Tensilbits

November 5, 2013

Tensilbits designed for use with the Tensilkut I and Tensilkut II series machines are essential to preparing your accurate test specimens. They are designed with specific angles, rakes and reliefs for accurate test sample preparation without distortion or tearing of the edges of your specimens. The 40-70 series Tensilbits are all .500″ diameter; all are designed for the best possible cutter life. If not chipped during use, Tensilbits can be resharpened for further use after they have become dull.

40-70 Series Tensilbits

40-70 Series Tensilbits for use with the Tensilkut I and Tensilkut II

Shown above, left to right: 40-71 Tensilbit, 40-72 Tensilbit, 40-73 Tensilbit, 40-74 Tensilbit, 40-75 Tensilbit, 40-76 Tensilbit, 40-71 TiN Coated Tensilbit

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