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Cutting Samples From Pipe Wall

September 16, 2010

Will the Tensilkut machine cut tensile bars from pipe wall without flattening the pipe?

In a word, Yes.

pipe wall tensile sample

sample cut from large diameter pipe wall

A section must be cut from the pipe wall which is the proper width to fit inside the Master Template, and then it is cut in the same manner as cutting a perfectly flat specimen.  The resulting tensile bar will retain the original curvature of the pipe, while having the correct dimensions, including  taper through the gauge section, and be ready for immediate insertion into your testing machine.


CNC Tensilkut III Video

September 1, 2010

Because the recent video of the CNC Tensilkut III showed very little of the motion, here is a video in which the cutting head is moving along its X axis.  Note that no cutting is occurring in this clip.  This is a Quicktime video; please download Quicktime if you can’t view it.