Standard Tensilkut Templates

Because of the wide variety of specifications in use worldwide for testing of different materials, the Tensilkut machine does not include any standard templates.  All standard templates available for Tensilkut machines are listed herein, and can be ordered with the Tensilkut machine, or at a later date.  We have all standard templates in stock for immediate delivery.Temp&bits#3

To prepare a test specimen, a rough sheared or sawn strip which is the overall width of the finished specimen is inserted into the template between the upper and lower guide bars, and is not removed from the template until both sides of the specimen are completely machined.  This reduces errors caused by reversing samples, as required by conventional milling.  Where the finished specimen is too small to be held securely in a conventional two-sided template, a one-sided template is used.  A sample which requires machining along its entire length is also prepared with a one-sided template.  As with the more commonly used two-sided templates, any tapers are accurately blended into the template bars, eliminating the need for costly hand finishing.1822 template

Model Specification Gauge Size
50-14 ASTM E8 Tensile .500” x 2”
50-24 ASTM E8 Subsized Tensile .250” x 1”
50-34 ASTM E8 Subsized Tensile (Modified) .250” x 2”
50-44 ASTM D638 Type I .500” x 2”
50-52 ASTM D638 Type II .250” x 2”
50-57 ASTM D638 Type III .750” x 2.25”
50-62 ASTM D1622 Type S Tensile Impact .125” x .500”R
50-67 ASTM D1622 Type L Tensile Impact .125” x .375”
50-72 ASTM D790 Flexural .500” wide x 4”-8” long
50-77 ASTM D790 Flexural 1.000” wide x 4”-8” long
50-82 ASTM D695 Compression Gauge Section: .500”x1.5”
50-87 ASTM D695 Compression To Square Ends: 3.13”
50-92 ASTM D412 Die C .250” x 2.32”
50-97 ASTM D412 Die D .125” x 1.31”

Please call or email for a quotation on the template you need.

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  1. SungHyun, Yeo Says:

    We want to know the Price & Delivery of three items.
    Items are Model “50-44″(ASTM D638 Type I), “50-82″(ASTM D695 Compression) and “50-87″(ASTM D695 Compression).
    We are hoping to receive your quatation by e-mail or Fax.

    17F, 830-29, KT Busan Bldg, Beomil-Dong, Dong-Gu,
    Busan, South Korea
    Tel)82-51-966-1388, Fax)82-51-966-6274

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