Earth Day at Tensilkut

When Tensilkut bought our current building in 1986, it was rather plain.  It was a nice, attractive building on 5 acres, located on a prime corner in the county’s premier industrial park.  However, there was no landscaping, and the lawn had an enormous soggy area in the middle.

Tensilkut is a small company.  We always have been, and always will be.  That, however, does not mean that we must have an unpleasant work environment.  With that in mind, during the late fall of 1986, we were able to hire a local farmer to excavate the lawn where the wet spot was, and put in a small pond.

On Earth Day 1987,  everyone at Tensilkut went outside and planted trees and shrubs.  Well, maybe the men planted and the women delivered many pitchers of iced tea and issued numerous compliments about the men’s planting, but it was a nice day nonetheless.  Since then, we’ve planted a new tree every Earth Day.  Often we picnic outdoors, and sometimes spouses come join us for lunch.  It is a very nice place indeed.

The Tensilkut Building

The Tensilkut Building

I am pleased to show you our 2009 Earth Day tree, a flowering cherry tree.

Tensilkut cherry tree

Tensilkut cherry tree

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a tree today.


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