CNC Tensilathe

Bill Gates has done many wonderful things for the world.  Obviously, he brought the ability to use computers to the masses, which has expanded employment throughout the world in related fields.  Without Bill’s contribution to the computer world, it’s likely that the Internet as we know it wouldn’t exist, because consumers wouldn’t be able to use it.

From the personal perspective of anyone reading this entry, however, one of the great things Bill Gates has indirectly influenced is the ability of laboratory personnel to automatically turn round test bars.  Without Bill, we’d still be back in the days when CNC machine operators had to attend special “CNC School” for months, and each machine cost around $100,000.

The CNC Tensilathe is the only laboratory-sized, automatic lathe designed specifically for turning round tensile bars from most machinable materials.

CNC Tensilathe

CNC Tensilathe

With its dependable, 1-1/2HP, 180VDC motor, the CNC Tensilathe will prepare specimens from round or irregular stock; full sized or subsized tensile, fatigue and similar round test samples can be accomplished. It was developed for operation by lab personnel with no previous machining experience, and operates on a Windows based microcomputer. The CNC Tensilathe uses a standard 3-jaw chuck to hold the specimen; the opposite end is center drilled to accommodate a live center. Samples from approximately 1/4” to 2” diameter can be completed, using round or irregular starting blanks; the finished specimens are accurate to within +.0005”, and will have a 32 or better surface finish, depending upon the material. A built-in micro-drop coolant system increases cutter life and improves surface finish, while the moveable chip shield over the working area reduces flying chips. An emergency stop switch is mounted on the front of the lathe, as are all power switches. The CNC Tensilathe is shipped fully set up; the computer must be hooked up, and the machine is ready to operate.

Turning a sample with the CNC Tensilathe

Turning a sample with the CNC Tensilathe

As with all Tensilkut machines, the CNC Tensilathe comes with a self instruction manual; training is available in our facility at no extra cost.  The machine is programmed for the user, and shipped with all sample contours ordered pre-installed into the computer.  Additional specimen programs can be added later.


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