CNC Tensilkut III

When one thinks of CNC machining, what comes to mind? A great big machine requiring months of CNC schooling, run by a highly trained individual who does things when he can, and not when someone else necessarily wants them.

That’s not the case with the CNC Tensilkut III.

Designed to be used by people familiar with the operation of computers running Windows, the CNC Tensilkut requires minimal skills of its operator. The machine is sized for placement in the lab, to be used by the operator of the testing machine and any other lab equipment in the same vicinity.

When the CNC Tensilkut III is ordered, specimen programs are ordered at the same time, so they can be installed at the time the machine is built. Any specimens installed on the machine are located in a drop down menu, and selected by the operator. The greatest mechanical aptitude required is the use of allen wrenches to tighten the material clamps, and of standard wrenches to change the cutting bit. Included in the machine is a mist coolant system, to simultaneously cool and lubricate the edges of the specimens, resulting in improved surface and increased cutter life. Also built in is a vacuum chip reduction system. While it doesn’t collect all of the chips, it does significantly reduce the number of chips remaining within the cabinet of the machine.

The CNC Tensilkut III can be set up to cut flat tensile specimens from strips or plaques of metals and non-metallic materials. Programs we’ve written for customers have included tensile, flexural, fatigue, and tensile impact bars and blanks to be notched for charpy and izod impact tests.CNC Tensilkut III

For easy, automated preparation of test specimens on your lab’s schedule, the CNC Tensilkut III is an excellent, reasonably priced system.

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  1. mstrkrft2000 Says:

    nice blog

  2. Essam Omran Says:

    please send to me the full cataloge for CNC TENSILKUT lll . and thank you .

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