Tensilkut II

For the first 30 years of this company’s existence, the Tensilkut I was the only machine for preparing flat tensile bars. It worked very well, of course; but at trade shows, the comment could often be heard, made by passers-by, “That’s a Tensilkut. Great machine. Noisy little thing.” And it was. For many years, customers inquired as to whether Tensilkut Engineering had plans to offer a soundproofed version of the machine.

In 1984, the company’s founder retired, and management was free to react to the customers’ stated desires. In 1985, the Tensilkut II was designed. The premise that the machine would be manually operated, as was the original version, but less objectionable in the lab, was the driving force behind the design. In the spring of 1986, the Tensilkut II was introduced at the Quality Expo in Chicago. There was a great deal of interest in the machine, and many users of the original machine upgraded to the newer version.

While the operational procedures are the same, the Tensilkut II contains many features which are either optional or unavailable on the Tensilkut I. Most obvious, of course, is the sound reduction package. The base of the machine is wrapped in the same soundshield used in music recording studios, and the control head is enclosed by a plexiglass shield around all sides save the front. A footswitch makes turning the machine on and off much easier, and all switches are located on the front of the machine for ready access. The machine also includes the Tensilvac chip reduction system, Tensilmist and motor speed regulator, all of which are optional on the Tensilkut I.

In 1987, after the company moved to its current location in Maryville, Tennessee, we ran an experiment. One of the men who worked at Tensilkut drove a 1973 Toyota pickup truck with no muffler, and someone else drove a 1 year old Cadillac Coupe de Ville. We measured the decibel readings for both the Tensilkut I and Tensilkut II with the motors on, but not cutting anything. The Tensilkut I had the same decibel reading as the Toyota, while the Tensilkut II generated the same noise as the new Cadillac, when the sound meter was right next to the hood.

This experiment, of course, lent credence to customers’ statements to the effect that they had to build a small room around their Tensilkut I machines to make the noise tolerable.

Tensilkut II

Tensilkut II


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