About Tensile Samples

A test specimen is the most important component of tensile testing, for it determines the actual physical properties of the material being tested. The specimen must conform to exacting physical dimensions and must be free of induced cold working or heat distortion. Qualified laboratory personnel and accurately calibrated tensile machines are important, but the ultimate test results are based on the quality and accuracy of the test specimen!

A highly skilled machinist using a conventional milling machine and considerable hand finishing can achieve the required configurations of the test specimen. However, the slow milling cutter speeds create heavy chip loads and can induce severe internal distortion to the machined edges. This distortion cannot be determined by visual inspection, hence, test results often produce erratic and inaccurate tensi9le properties.

The ideal tensile specimen should duplicate the pure basic metal or plastic being tested with a total absence of tool marks, incipient cracks, induced stresses, internal deformation or heat distortion. Tensilkut machines achieve these ideal requirements and produce virtually perfect test specimens.

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